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The iPhone Text Shortcut Hack Prank You Need to Try

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Siri Did It.

Who doesn’t love a good prank, especially one that involves everyday technology?

Now’s your chance to trick your friends or family with one of the funniest iPhone hacks around that’s sure to drive them up the wall.

With just a little bit of insight into this iPhone featured and enough knowledge about your victim’s texting habits, this simple prank could keep you laughing for weeks.

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Start the slideshow below to see how the hack works, and then plan who’ll you try it on first! Don’t forget to SHARE!


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Under your text settings, the iPhone allows you to establish some pretty handy shortcuts that you can preset to your heart’s desire. I personally don’t know many people that use these, but the option is nice. Just think: instead of having to type out lengthy phrases that you may use in text or email every day, all you’d have to do is set a shorter code, such as LWN for “leaving work now.”

Designed as a time-saver, some smart alecks soon recognized the potential for major pranks…


iphone text hack prank 1

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By secretly creating shortcuts in other people’s phones, especially people who own an iPhone but still don’t grasp all of its capabilities (AKA your parents), you could change some of their most common words and turn them into shortcuts for ridiculous and hilarious phrases that will change your texts forever.