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The Latest Kitchen Gadget That Will Make You Everyone’s Enemy

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Meet Nima

nima gluten sensor 4

Source: Twitter @NimaSensor

You’ve probably encountered somebody who chooses to live a gluten-free lifestyle. For those suffering from some sort of wheat allergy or gluten intolerance, it’s an important change to make to avoid the many and varied symptoms of Celiac’s and other disorders. For some people, however, it’s merely de rigueur.

From talking incessantly about the intolerance to reminding waiters five or more times that they can’t eat gluten, people who choose to abstain from the substance can be pretty vocal about their situation. But now, they can take matters into their own hands.

Nima is a new product from 6SensorLabs that allows people to test the food they’re eating and almost immediately find out whether or not it contains gluten. The best part? It’s totally portable, so you might start seeing these little sensors around.

How It Works

nima gluten sensor 1

Source: Twitter @NimaSensor

The process is simple. Using the Nima sensor and a disposable capsule, you put in a small sample of your food into the machine and wait two minutes. After the short time, Nima will either light up with a happy face—meaning your food is safe to eat—or with a frown, which means the food contains more than the FDA’s gluten-free threshold.

Sound awesome? To people suffering from gluten intolerances, this could become a convenient and safe way to take health matters into their own hands. For people who get annoyed and think that gluten intolerance is merely a fad, Nima is sure to cause no small amount of pestering.

But Nima doesn’t stop there…

The Future

nima gluten sensor 2

Source: Twitter @NimaSensor

While Nima’s creators hope to have the sensor out on the market by mid-2016, preorders are already being sold for $199. And though it’s only a gluten test for now, 6SensorLabs have a much bigger picture in mind.

The labs are currently trying to develop sensors for other common allergies like nuts and dairy, which is sure to make eating out a lot less stressful for those who suffer from disorders and unpleasant reactions related to certain foods.

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