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The Magical Thing Chocolate Does To Your Brain

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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Chocolate Lover

Sometimes, it feels like foods come and go into fashion even more quickly than clothes and hairstyles. One day this leafy green is in vogue, the next day everyone’s moved onto a new super grain.

Other fan favorite foods can find themselves at the forefronts of heated debates about the health risks and benefits inherently associated with them. Is chocolate good? Red wine? What about red meat? These are the questions food lovers and the health-conscious may find themselves asking, not to mention how much and how often.

Then again, some of us never let health news and fads get in the way of enjoying a hearty meal or rich dessert, but a new study published in February just delivered some news that appears to be the best of both worlds:

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Chocolate lovers are going to be happy about this!

40 years ago, psychologist Merrill Elias began observing the relationship between blood pressure and brain performance.

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Throughout his study, he monitored risk factors like obesity, diabetes, and harmful smoking habits to find if they held any cognitive effects.

It wasn’t until many years into the study that Elias decided he might as well begin studying his subjects’ diets as well. After all, what the participants were consuming would clearly have an impact on their health and blood pressure.

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Every five years, Elias conducts a “wave” of studies. There have been seven waves so far, but it wasn’t until the sixth wave that dietary information was collected from participants.