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The Man Who Takes The Best Facebook Profile Pics

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We all know at least one person obsessed with themselves on Facebook. We live in an age of high narcissism, where we not only need photos of every little thing we do, but we need photos of ourselves doing said things. Every minute occasion needs to be documented with a predetermined pose to look cool or sexy or interesting.

But one man (who no one seems to know where he is, let alone who is) has just stepped up the profile pic game. Every week he poses himself as interesting characters in engaging situations, snaps a photo and uploads it as his profile photo on Facebook. It seems like a lot of creative effort, so maybe he’s an actor or an artist? No matter who he really is, he’s awesome.

facebook man 05

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The game has been changed, people. Go ahead and try to be this awesome!

Math professor

facebook man 01

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Well now I want to know more about math…


facebook man 02

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Wherever does he buy his props? I want to spend my tax return there.