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The Miss Teen USA Pageant is Eliminating the Swimsuit Competition

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Should other pageants follow in their footsteps?

Miss Teen USA

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Other pageants, such as the Miss USA and Miss Universe competitions, will still include the swimsuit competition, however, it may be a better decision to eliminate them in the near future. Body shaming has been an ongoing issue amongst contestants, as well as pageant critics. By taking out the swimsuit section altogether, contestants can focus slightly less on their bodies, and more on the questions.

The new section is meant to celebrate women’s active lives.

Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe & Miss USA 2015 NYC Media Cruise

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Reports say that pageant producers are hoping that this athletic wear competition will celebrate the women who live very active lives. Katherine Haik, who is currently Miss Teen USA, said of the news, “I have been an athlete my entire life. As a member of a softball team and a competitive dance team, I spend a lot of time in athletic wear. This new direction for Miss Teen USA is a great way to celebrate the active lives that so many young women lead and set a strong example for our peers.” It sounds like this new section will empower women more than anything.

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