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The Moment People Realized They Wanted to Marry Their Partner

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Love Is In The Little Things

Declarations, fireworks and horse-drawn carriages might be beautiful, but true love is found in the tiny moments – when your love for someone is so strong that it’s second nature. It’s the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you make for someone when they’re acting hangry or the willingness to hold someone when they’re sick, even if it puts you at risk. This is how we know we’re loved.

Source: Instagram/@ilovegayboyfriends, Reddit/@rawwrjem

Source: Instagram/@ilovegayboyfriends, Reddit/@rawwrjem

For Valentine’s day Redditors asked each another what moment made them realize they wanted to marry their current wife or husband, and the responses were surprisingly simple. Whether their epiphanies were romantic, heartbreaking or just totally weird, these are the moments when these couples saw a clear and indefinite love for each other.

So how did you know it was meant to be?

Bea = Before Anyone Else

the moment couples knew they wanted to get married

Credit: Instagram @jade_antonie, Reddit/@Body_Is_A_Prison

You Do You, and We’ll Do We

Source: Instagram/@couplesinloveee, Reddit/@thesofpches

Source: Instagram @couplesinloveee, Reddit/@thesofpches