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The Most Fascinating and Rare Natural Phenomena on Earth

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I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore…

The Earth is an incredible and fascinatingly diverse place.

People, cultures, languages, and even places aside, the natural world is filled with so much variety and wonder that sometimes it’s hard to believe in what we’re seeing.

What’s the coolest natural phenomenon you’ve ever seen? If you live in certain areas of the globe under the perfect conditions, maybe you’ve witnessed firsthand some of the Earth’s most incredible and rare natural phenomena.

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These pictures will make you think we’re on a different planet…

Blood Rain

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Source: Twitter @enmadaio1217

Reports of blood rain–red rain falling from the sky–has been reported since ancient times. A unique phenomenon happened over the course of two months in the southern Indian state of Kerala when red and other color rain fell periodically, staining clothes and surfaces red and pink. It was later decided that the even was due to a strange disturbance in airborne alga spores.

Fire Whirls

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Affectionately called firenados, fire whirls can happen when certain air temperatures and currents pass over a fire, which can then rise in the whirling form of a column, much like a tornado.