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The Most Hilarious Game Show Responses of All Time

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Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Maybe Not…

Out of all the terrible things that we’ve loved to watch on television since it came crashing into every living room in America in the 1950s, game shows are #1.

From Jeopardy to The Price is Right; Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, in many of these shows, we get to see regular people, just like us, given the Hollywood treatment while they have their knowledge put to the test. And more than a few times, their responses have been pure comedic gold. Just take the guy above for example!

In this gallery, you’ll find hilarious game show answers that run the gamut, and plenty of fuel for laughter!

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A simple enough question:


There are plenty of logical answers: employer, professor, father-in-law.

But apparently this woman is behind on her taxes


Why else would she be so afraid of the IRS that she didn’t even want them to know her IQ?