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The Most Regrettable Purchases Ever Made

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Lover’s Glove

Couples glove Lovers glove for him and her

Source: Tumblr @missingregretsy

What’s better than a lover’s glove? No, not condom, but a glove that two lovers can stick their hand in, and hold each other’s hands, which escaping the bite of a winter’s day ($24). It’s cute, it’s practical, it’s kind of creepy. Codependency issues are the loss of a sense of self in a relationship. How do you know you have them? Because you are considering buying this twisted, siamese glove. Buy a separate set of gloves for yourself and for your lover. Then you won’t have to hold hands every second that you are out in the cold. Plus, holding hands, yuck.

50LB Bucket of Glitter

glitter 50lbs

Source: Imgur @TheRealBridgeman

“50lbs of glitter! It was at a yard sale, and i just had to buy it. 7$” -TheHoneyCreeper (Reddit)

“Put a small hole in the container, fix it to the back of a car, and get on the highway.” -Insighted_Cuttlefish

“Rainbow Road” -mjstc

“was this ke$ha’s yard sale or something?” -boooooored

“I had a large jar of glitter in a bag in my passenger seat. A douche kid cut me off at one light and caused me to slam on my brakes. Glitter went everywhere. At the next light he was in the turning lane and I was on his left. Noticed his window was down and seized the opportunity to grab the busted jar and fling it into his window right when he got a green arrow. I was so happy with myself.” -oosnakeoo

See, this is a prime example of making the best of a questionable purchase. And what’s better than glitter bombing a friend, ex-lover or co-worker. Spring-load an envelope filled with glitter and send it to their home or place of work. When they open it, it will cover them in the most glamour mess they have ever experience. AND, it’s impossible to clean up. Glitter will be in their keyboard for eternity.


Chocolate Turkey on a Pretzel Rod

Source: Tumblr @missingregretsy

Need a gift for the holidays? A dessert after Thanksgiving dinner? What’s better than a pair of chocolate dicks on a pretzel stick. Sorry, I mean chocolate turkeys. Eat them all at once, or just nibble on the tip, either way you will enjoy these salty sweet delights. And they’re only $12 for two. So you can eat one of the rods, and save another for later. Enjoy!