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The NFL Just Got Trumped

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Make NFL Logos Great Again

Football season may be on its way out before we know it, but the presidential campaigns have hardly begun.

One person we’ve heard way too much about in the past few months is none other than multi-billionaire and presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. From actual news to parody to Trump farcing himself what with an exaggerated personality and style that has permanently landing him a place in the world of pop culture.

While Trump’s latest dream may be taking over the country, it was once his dream to take over an NFL team. And while he never accomplished that goal, Uproxx decided to help him out by transforming all the NFL team logos in Trump’s honor.

tampa bay buccaneers

Source: uproxx

Check out what it would look like if Trump took over the NFL…

Miami Dolphins

donald trump miami dolphins

Source: uproxx

This logo might give more nightmares than the Dolphins’s current record.

Minnesota Vikings

donald trump minnesota vikings

Source: uproxx

Might be my favorite one.