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The Response to Historic Flooding in Louisiana Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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There’s so much more work to be done

Just saying that people should have known better than to live in a certain area is not going to help them now or in the future. After days of torrential rains, a flood of devastating proportions rose that has since taken lives and devastated parts of Louisiana. These areas of the state have never flooded before and were predicted to be very unlikely to ever flood, but Mother Nature is always unpredictable.

While the federal government has been slow to help find survivors, shelter them and begin relieving the damaged areas, normal citizens have stepped up to save their friends and families from this chaos. Donations and volunteers are flooding in, but more help is always needed. This is a story of humanity at its finest.

louisiana flood victims

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Your help and donations are still needed.

A Historic Catastrophe

louisiana flood

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After three days of unceasing rain in Louisiana, cities and towns across the southern part of the state quickly flooded in an unprecedented manner. Many of the areas where the water reached the rooftops of homes were labeled as zones where no flooding was ever expected to occur, and they were completely unprepared for what happened. As far as we know, at least 13 people have lost their lives in this historic event. 60,000 homes were flooded leaving many people scattered in shelters, hotels and other people’s homes until they can salvage what is left of their homes or sell it for renovation or demolition. Many homes are beyond repair, and not everyone had flood insurance which seemed unnecessary since their homes were in X-Flood Zones.


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In Louisiana and other states, everyday citizens are becoming volunteers as they descend on the affected areas. These people are helping to organize donations or gut homes that were flooded. Although this event has been declared a disaster, President Obama didn’t cut his vacation short in order to head down there and give the tragic event more coverage. The legendary newsman Dan Rather blasted him and news outlets stating, “If these floods were happening in New York City, or Washington DC or even San Francisco, do you think the coverage would be different? We have the worst natural disaster in years. People have lost their lives and families have lost lifetimes of memories under the waters. However, on cable news at least, the bizarre, apparently fabricated story of the discredited armed robbery of Olympic swimmers is getting almost wall-to-wall coverage. It is ridiculous.” Although, it should it noted that Louisiana Governor Jon Edwards asked Obama NOT to come visit immediately. The President is finally scheduled to arrive in Louisiana’s capital city, Baton Rouge, this week.