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The Response to Historic Flooding in Louisiana Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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People Helping People

louisiana flood

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Despite the media and government’s slow response, akin to the highly-criticized response to the flooding and humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Katrina, people are helping people more than ever here. Families are taking in their relatives or complete strangers, those who have the ability to cook are cooking for the whole neighborhood as they clean up the devastation, chefs are bringing their staff and mobile kitchens down to the area as well, and people with boats and trucks are loading up donations and heading down to do whatever they can for whoever needs it. Pets and farm animals, even wildlife, that needs rescuing are being picked up, fed, and fostered by volunteers. Some unthoughtful homeowners actually left their dogs and cats to die, chained to posts outside that nearly drowned them until saviors in boats came by and pulled them out of the flood. Some businesses have gotten into the game of helping out since there is so much needed for the tens of thousands of homeless people and animals.

Corporate America Helping Out

tide loads of hope truck

Source: Instagram @proctergamble

In a surprising way, some of the biggest donators have been large American corporations. For example, Tide’s Loads of Hope truck pulled into Baton Rouge last week to wash clothes free of charge for those who have lost their washing machines. It’s a basic staple of cleanliness and hygiene that we often take for granted. Thousands of animals have been extremely rocked by the flood. Volunteers are helping at shelters as much as they can to comfort the shocked animals and give them baths. The Denham Springs animal shelter flooded up to the roof and the caretakers and animals had to be rescued from off of the roof. The shelter needs to be rebuilt, and the PetCo Foundation has decided to match donations to the building fund up to $50,000. Oil giants Exxon, Shell, and Motiva are donating over one million dollars to the American Red Cross. Celebrities are also trying to help out.

Lady Gaga Gives

Songstress Lady Gaga and her family claim that they are donating to the relief efforts. Covington, Louisiana native Ian Somerhalder feels very badly for the people of his home state, and says this “help is on the ground.”