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The Restaurant Where the Staff Is Yummier Than the Food

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Anybody Thirsty… er, Hungry?

macho meat shop 1

Source: Twitter @VIPatrick

You guys: you might not believe this restaurant that just opened.

Do you like Japanese cuisine? Do you just love that Asian flavor? Then the “Macho Meat Shop” might be exactly the taste you’re looking for.

Macho Nikuya (meaning “meat shop”) just opened in Tokyo, and the line to get in has been around the block. Why, you might ask? No, it’s not just the food that everyone is dying to try, it’s the kitchen staff.

This manly, protein-focused restaurant only hires super jacked workers that are willing to take off their shirts at the drop of a dime, er, yen.

But why?

Because Japan, apparently.

macho meat shop featured

Source: Twitter @Al_Tokyo

The Macho eatery movement seems to be a trend these days, and Macho Nikuya was opened by the same people who opened the Macho Café for a brief while back in May, just for the heck of it. And their business model works.

So far, the Meat Shop has attracted tons of publicity, hungry (and thirsty) patrons, and media attention. The restaurant mixes an air of culinary delight with humor, as the shirtless waitstaff is prone to flex while serving up your favorite dishes (is that sanitary? Do we care?)

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news: it’s just a temporary gig. Macho Nikuya closes November 9th, so you’d better hurry up! Time is running short, but you can still go and whet your appetite!

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