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The Results Are In: This Is What People Really Do in the Shower

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Rub a Dub Dub

If you’re like me, you shower too often and for too long. Though I am mindful at all other times of my water usage and resulting environmental footprint, when I’m in the shower, I shut out the rest of the world as soon as the warm water hits my head.

The thing about my long showers is that only a small percentage of the time I spend in there is actually spent cleaning, scrubbing, soaping, and shampooing. From today’s Top 40 to Golden Oldies to every show tune in the book, the shower is my own personal concert, and I know I’m not alone.

Singing in the shower or bath is a common pastime that dates back hundreds if not thousands of years. Even those of us who would never sing in public might be keen to sing a little ditty or two while the running water mutes the world outside. So we’ve established that singing in the shower is pretty common…but what else do you do in the bath?

Redditors were asked to confess the weirdest things they do in the shower, and you might feel a whole lot more normal after reading these!

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Is your shower time weirder than these stories?

Daddy’s Little Lush

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As a kid I use to bring my dad’s empty wine bottles into the shower, (just an occasional drinker, nothing serious), fill the bottles with water and pretend I’m drinking wine and acting glamorous. I would also pretend I was drunk and lay down on the shower floor as water came pouring down and have an over dramatic scene. I was about 10. (PolarLight)

Wet Food

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Am I the only one that eats in the shower?
Pizza last week was f**king rad. (GlitchyRainbow)

Kramer? (cg91)

Things get weirder ahead!