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The Results Are In: This Is What People Really Do in the Shower

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Fartin’ Fountain

shower habits trevi fountain


Cupping water with my palms, posing in different positions and pretending to be a fountain (shakensunshine)

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. (princeoflosangeles)

I like to cup it in my butt crack and fart. The sound never fails to make me giggle. (Ddickerson03)

A little less cute now (bwaller94)

That’ll Show Them!

shower habits man with face in hands

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Think up comebacks for arguments that haven’t happened and are not likely to happen.
edit: also how to resolve differences with people that don’t exist. (chevyuk)


shower habits woman smiling in shower

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Blow my nose in my hands and then wash my boogers down the drain. It feels rebellious and freeing to not use a tissue. (sourpatchxi)