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The Stupidest Things Money Can Buy

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I want money so I can buy this stuff

I don’t have a lot of cash to throw around, but if I did, I could definitely see myself buying some absolutely useless stuff that costs way too much. I probably wouldn’t buy anything that didn’t have a profit margin under 1000%. So in my dreams of being reckless with my money, I made a listing of all of the expensive things I would buy that wouldn’t improve my life in any way. Don’t you want to see my wish list?

Man with cash

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You don’t need it, but you want it

Spinning Top – $195

spinning top


These spinning tops are far more sophisticated than the ones you had as a kid; they spin for a longer time, and they’re really expensive. They come in a variety of metals, but the priciest and heaviest is the Tungsten top. You can also buy sets of different metals for a few hundred dollars. Why would you need a spinning top, you ask? ForeverSpin says that they boost your creativity and they’re educational.

Mesh Color Frame -$1900

wall mesh art


Do you need art in your home, but you have a ton of money to blow and want to be different? Don’t settle for that same old expert paint-on-canvas stuff. Get some colorful mesh instead. Matter Matters will gladly sell you a piece of cotton mesh with a little bit of paint on it. It might look like something you can get at a party store for a buck and throw some watercolors on, but this is different. It’s artistic.