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The Touchless Orgasm… Yes, It Is a Thing and This Is How You Can Experience It

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Tap into your senses.

Guys, have you ever wanted to have sex so and but just couldn’t get it up? Ladies, have you ever been ready to please your man, but somehow your lady parts weren’t? I’m sure that must suck and causes a lot of tension between you and your partner. Being in a relationship is hard work, especially when it coms to sex. If you’re in a longterm relationship, sexy time in the bedroom may tend to get boring.

Well, there may be something new to try. For all of those times when he can’t get it up or she isn’t moist enough, I introduce to you the touchless orgasm. It’s exactly what it sounds like, an orgasm without physical touching each other. No, it’s a real thing! The receiver breathes while pushing everything out, whether it’s repressed emotions or past hurt. The giver then moves their hands in a sweeping motion, moving the energy around, while the receiver kegels and goes where his/her intuition leads them.

According to Clinical Sexologist Nikki Morgan, there are several benefits of touchless orgasms:

1. Increases in spiritual connection and passion
2. Helps you have deeper orgasms
3. Relieves stress and tension in the body and mind
4. Increases and gives more powerful ejaculation
5. Better blood flow
6. Better sleep
7. An increase in trust, hormones and happiness
8. Opens up a universal language between you and your partner

If you don’t think it works, hear from three couples who actually did it for the first time. Then, take tips from our video featuring the couples in action!

Touchless Orgasms

Source: YouTube/CoupleThing

Say hello to your new, favorite sexual experience

Couple 1

Couple 1 explains Touchless Orgasms

Source: YouTube/CoupleThing

Receiver (Woman): “I felt myself being emotional. Like I was emotionally wanting to release, but I couldn’t even let myself get to that point.”

Giver (Man): “I felt like I was in her head and I just felt what she was feeling. And I could see that it was a struggle for her and I was just trying to be there for her.”

Couple 2

Couple 2 explains Touchless Orgasms

Source: YouTube/CoupleThing

Receiver (Man): “For me, anything sexual, I’m automatically gonna tense up. ‘Cause it’s been trained in my growing up and in my body. That’s a private thing, you don’t really share it with everybody, you keep it behind closed doors.”

His boyfriend, the giver, interjects, “You better keep it behind closed doors.” They laugh.