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The Truth About These Magic Tricks Will Shock You

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Yoda levitation

magic trick 03

Source: Imgur @BeatATrexx

There is actually a hidden chair tucked inside the performer’s baggy clothing.

Slicing yourself in bit

magic trick 04

Source: Imgur @BeatATrexx

Bits of green is the box’s architecture that add much needed contortion space for the person inside. These are often painted black. The red bits are the blades, that only take up a portion of the vertical space. The black areas are usable space that aren’t visible from the sides, so it makes the box appear smaller than it really is. The purple outline is the usable space that is inside the box. The space is designed to be as cramped as possible to make the illusion look legit.


magic trick 05

Source: Imgur @BeatATrexx

We’ve all seen the great Michael Jackson performing this trick. He actually had specially designed heels built into his shoes. Set up on the stage were nails where he could walk over to, clip his shoes in, lean to his heart’s desire and amaze his fans.