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The Women of Reddit Tell You 13 Surprising Things About Living With Men

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These ladies were so surprised.

It’s that time in your relationship when you take the plunge and start living with your guy. You know it will take some adjusting, but you think that it will really take things to the next level. That next level is learning about each other’s habits and making sure that you can put up with them to see if the relationship can go even further. These ladies of Reddit had a lot to say about when they first moved in with their beaus. The behaviors of the men weren’t deal breakers, but they were certainly unexpected. Read on to learn about the strange things men do. FYI, there’s a lot of toilet talk.

banana sticking out of mans pants

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Does your man do this?

Taking the Good With the Bad

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“That’s not a stain from glue, lotion, or a hair product: that’s semen.

Pockets must be emptied of all spare change and small pieces of garbage immediately after coming in the door, and deposited in random caches around the house.

This was also when I found out how awesome it is to wear his shirts, and have someone to tell me my cooking is good.” (cookiebootz)

“I come home after work everyday and throw the stuff in my pockets in this blueish bowl and my wife is always yelling at me it’s for decoration. No its a bowl for my stuff.” (luckybeavers37)

Waving Hello

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“He can wiggle his penis.

You know how some people can wiggle their ears, or just the tip of their nose? If we’re laying around in bed, he sometimes ‘waves’ at me.
I didn’t know it could move that much on its own.” (Blueninjakat)

Well, they usually have a mind of their own.