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The World’s Biggest Jerk Has a Lifesaving Lesson for You!

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So Listen Up!

Everyone at least once in their life will encounter an asshole. Whether it’s that guy that cut you off in traffic this morning, the person that took up the last two parking spaces in the parking lot, or the dude that incessantly patronizes women; we all have to deal with them. The world is full of these types of people, and and it makes you wonder whether they really have any positive purpose on this earth.

Well this commercial proves that even the biggest asshole in the world can turn hero with one simple decision.

World's biggest asshole

Source: Youtube

Donald Trump could learn a thing or two

Meet Coleman F. Sweeney

Guy in the worlds biggest asshole commercial

Source: Youtube

He is arguably the worst kind of human in the entire world. He’s the type of guy that pees into a beer bottle while driving, throwing said urine-filled bottle out the window, and grins as it crashes onto the car behind him. He’s the guy that yells at an old women to walk faster as she is crossing the street. And he’s the guy that is featured in this PSA commercial.

Asshole Turned Hero

Asshole taking candy from children

Source: Youtube

The PSA features Coleman stealing women’s underwear at the launderette, shooting small animals with paintball guns and handing cigarettes to children. There are literally no redeeming qualities about this character… until he unexpectedly dies. The narrator then tells us that at the moment of his death, Coleman became a hero. How?

Organ donation.