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The World’s Biggest Jerk Has a Lifesaving Lesson for You!

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One Good Thing

Organ Donation

Source: Youtube

The commercial goes on to show how the monumental jerk’s body parts helped a father, a young teacher, an injured soldier and an elderly woman recover from life threatening diseases and injuries.

“You could live your entire life as an asshole, but if you did one good thing, make that one good thing donating your organs when you’re no longer with us. [The idea] seemed pretty simple,” the group creative director for The Martin Agency, Wade Alger, said.

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Organ donors in the Millennial men demographic has dropped off dramatically in recent years. One of the main motivators behind the PSA was to encourage the target market to sign up as organ donors. Almost 120,000 men, women and children are currently waiting for a organ donation, and roughly 8,000 of those people (22 per day) die each year because of the lack of donations.

By signing up, a person could save as many as 50 lives.

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