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The World’s Newest Robot Is So Real It’s Scary

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Next stop, Terminator.

Robots have always been the future, and as numerous works of action, horror, and sci-fi have warned us, it may be a future that humans won’t be okay with.

Meet Sophia, Hanson Robotics’s latest human-like robot that may very well give us a glimpse into the future of society.

Known for their highly realistic robots, Hanson Robotics prides themselves with the most cutting edge artificial intelligence around. With the ability to understand speech, see and read faces, and remember interactions—not to mention her facial features and expression—a conversation with Sophia is pretty uncanny, and a little uncomfortable.

sophia robot intro

Source: Facebook/ CNBC

See her in action!

Before she even begins to speak or move, Sophia’s lifelike appearance is striking.

sophia robot 1

Source: Facebook/ CNBC

Many people have already pointed out the idea of the uncanny valley, the idea that people can feel unnerved or even repulsed by computer-generated figures or robotics that closely but imperfectly resemble humans. For me, the disconnect between Sophia’s eye movements, mouth, and speech is the most unsettling.

Once you see Sophia in action, however, the result is nothing short of fascinating.

sophia robot 2

Source: Facebook/ CNBC

As Dr. David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, explains in the interview with CNBC, he envisions robots like Sophia being designed to serve major societal purposes, from healthcare, to customer service, to education, to therapy.