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The Worst Corporate Social Media Fails of All Time

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Source: Twitter

Someone over at NRA Women needs to pay attention to the news. Just three days after a little girl killed her Arizona shooting teacher with an uzi, the NRA Women tweeted a link to tips on how kids can have fun at the gun range. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Mountain Dew

mountain dew screenshot

Source: Mountain Dew

When you give power to the public, hilarious things occur. Just ask Mountain Dew. Back in 2012, they held a “The Dub the Dew” campaign in which fans could name a new flavor of the soda. Of course internet trolls had a field day with names like “Fapple” and “Diabeetus” amongst more offensive things.

Too soon?

tsexy ebola nurse costume

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Whoever made this is awful.