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The Worst Fictional Business Yelp Reviews

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How many stars would you give these fictional businesses?

Now more than ever we live in a true age of democracy, where the power of the people knows virtually no bounds.

No, I’m not referring to important, life-changing issues like our bought-and-sold politicians and power hungry billionaires decide. What I mean is the influential power of everyday people on the internet to encourage or dissuade others from life’s biggest choices, like where to go for dinner and who to follow on social media.

Commenters have more power than ever before, and even major companies must mollify and bend to the demands of the digital populace. One slip up on social media could lose you thousands of followers and therefore power, or one hair in the food could have a top internet reviewer damning your restaurant for months to come.

In our digital world, good press is power. Aggregate review sites like Yelp help us decide where to go and how to spend our time, both around our own towns and while on vacation, and feedback can range from helpful and insightful to frightful and even humorous.

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Source: Facebook/ Hip Hop My Way

What if there were a review site for the fictional businesses and eateries we’ve come to know and love through our favorite movies and TV shows? We invented YOLP, the review site where, thanks to clever Redditors, people have finally given honest feedback on places ranging from Futurama‘s Planet Express to Psycho‘s Bates Motel.

The reviews you always wished you could give start here…

Jurassic World

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Credit: David Rosa

Just when you thought genetic modification was safe.

Bates Motel

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Credit: David Rosa

But the taxidermy was a lovely touch.