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Then and Now: ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’

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Audrey Griswold (Juliette Lewis)

national lampoon julette lewis

Credit: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy/Imgur

Back in 2013, Juliette starred in August: Osage County as Karen Weston but has dedicated most of her time writing and performing music. She is currently on tour with her band and we have to say, her performance isn’t too shabby.

Rusty Griswold (Johnny Galecki)

nationa lampoon rusty

Credit: Imgur/omar888

Get ready to get your mind blown… little tyke Rusty grew up to be Leonard on Big Bang Theory. After filming with National Lampoon and appearing on Roseanne for a bit, the dude grew up to star on one of the most successful TV sitcoms of the 2000s.

Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid)

national lampoon randy quaid

Credit: Imgur/Cheezikus/dirtytankerboots366

Times have not been good to Cousin Eddie. After appearing in the Academy Award-winning Brokeback Mountain, Randy’s life took an interesting turn. He was arrested in 2010 for property taxes when he and his wife fled the country to Canada. He started telling people that they were in hiding from an Illuminati murdering practice called “Star Whacking” where they kill Hollywood stars. No joke.