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These Are People’s Most Shallow Deal Breakers for Relationships

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This Isn’t Working for Me.

Are you happily single, on the quest for love, or locked into a relationship? Being the social creatures we are, society undoubtedly places an emphasis on matchmaking that we feel from our early years and well into adulthood. In many cultures, staying single for too long comes off as worrisome, even an indication that something may be wrong.

For those of us that enjoy being single: forget what anyone else has to say. But for people who love being in relationships or are eager to enter into one: what do you look for in a partner?

Big brains? Sense of humor? Great smile? Huge heart? Dating and falling in love often turns into a challenging process filled with many wrong turns and dead ends, and more often than not, it might be due to our own judgments and hangups.

How high are your standards set, and what are some major deal breakers that you positively couldn’t overlook? People shared the most shallow reasons why they couldn’t date someone, and it just made dating a whole lot scarier.

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See how your standards compare to these…

noahtalk: I really, really, don’t like belly buttons that are outies

breakup belly Jerome Scholler

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roguemenace: Isn’t that the exact opposite of shallow?

notanobelisk: An ugly laugh.

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“Hehe, snort”