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These Are Some of the Most Influential Animals in the World

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6. Pizza Rat

pizz rat

Source: Twitter @SadlyCatless

A viral video of a New York City subway rat smuggling a slice of pizza down into its lair gained millions of views in fall 2015, single-paw-edly embodying the spirit of tired, drunk, and pizza-loving New Yorkers everywhere.

5. Revenant Bear

revenant bear

Source: Twitter @kevinketcham

Prior to the much-anticipated western biopic The Revenant that would win Leo DiCaprio his first Academy Award, previews featuring the notorious bear attack scene pushed this bear to prominence, inciting rumors of bear rape.

#4 went to the ten Chinese CRISPR goats that were genetically enhanced by Chinese scientists despite moral and ethical debates around the subject.

3. Uncle Sam

uncle sam donald trump

Source: Twitter @FixedOpsGenius

This is the 27-year-old eagle that infamously frightened Donald Trump out of his wits while posing for a Time magazine cover with the billionaire and presidential hopeful.

#2 went to Tilikum, the orca from SeaWorld that gained notoriety after killing three people, gaining its own documentary, and prompting SeaWorld to end its orca shows.