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The Biggest Red Flags in Relationships That Are Too Often Overlooked

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Mayday Mayday!!

Ladies and gents, at some point in your life (unless you are extremely lucky) you will engage in an unsuccessful relationship. There will be frustrations, tears, and most likely a nasty break up. You will come to a point in your life where you will look back and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?!” It’s just a part of life. Bad relationships have a way casting a spell and blinding us to huge red flags thrown up by the person you’re enamored with. Flags that are supposed to let us know when to stop, drop, and roll away as far as possible from the person you’re dating.

As obvious as some flags are, there are many that are often overlooked. The people of Reddit came together to reveal these red flags to look out for and hopefully save you from any future nasty, rotten relationships.

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Any of these flags look familiar?

I Hate Me!

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When you start to hate the person you are when you’re with them. (what_ismylife)

A relationship can bring out the best in you but it can also bring out the worst. (ZenaMyJank)

The Ultimate Ultimatum

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Using ultimatums to get their way instead of compromising. (Arthropody)


Seriously though, there are some ultimatums which are justified, and some which are not. “If we don’t go to the restaurant I want to go to, I’m going to cause a scene and embarrass you at the restaurant you want to go to” is not OK. “If you abuse me, I won’t have you in my life” is OK. (scoooot)