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He Made the Most Epic American Pictures of All Time. Wait Till You See the Last One

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You’ve Never Seen Anything This American.

American pride goes far beyond the Fourth of July and apple pie. American pride is something deeply engraved in our very beings, something that flows through our veins and makes us want to chant “USA! USA!”

Clearly, few people understand that feeling of national pride better than artist Jason Heuser, who runs the sharpwriter shop on Etsy. Heuser’s patriotism is unparalleled, as you can see in the most epically American pictures you’ve ever beheld the glory of in your life.

most american pictures intro

Source: Imgur/ DrakeTheTypeOf

Start the slideshow below to see the most American pictures of all time, and then SHARE! Just wait until you see the last one.

George W.

most american pictures 1

Source: Imgur/ DrakeTheTypeOf

I don’t know, do you think this one kind of jumped the shark?


most american pictures 2

Source: Imgur/ DrakeTheTypeOf

Only Regan could harness a velociraptor like a boss.