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These Celebrities Think the World Is Flat

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For These Celebs, No Proof Is Good Enough

Educated humans have been determined that the world is round since ancient times, and today’s notion that people still thought the Earth was flat in the Middle Ages is largely a myth.

Despite thousands of years of scientific theory and proof, there are still those who promote the idea of a flat Earth, and some of them are household names.

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Source: Twitter @bobatl

In the first month of 2016 alone, two celebrities have taken to social media to restart the age-old ‘world is flat’ debate, and scientists and fans alike are having a field day. A former Myspace personality and reality TV star, can you believe that this first celebrity FlatEarther has fallen so far?

And did Neil deGrasse Tyson just release a rap song about a spherical Earth?

Tila Tequila became a viral celebrity after earning the title of most popular person on Myspace in the mid-2000s.

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Credit: Ian Gavan/ Getty Images

A tumultuous reality star career aside, Tila’s surprising flat Earth beliefs only came to light very recently.

In early January, 2016, Tila Tequila went on a Twitter rant demanding people show her proof that the world isn’t flat.

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Source: Twitter @AngelTilaLove

Her eccentric tweets also mentioned that she was a robot, that a chip was implanted in her brain by the CIA, and that if she were to be assassinated in 2016, it’s because she was revealing covert CIA operations.

However, her rant would be totally overshadowed just a few weeks later…