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These EMTs Were Forced To Let These Dogs Die. A New Bill Could Change That Forever

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Dogs Have Suffer In Emergencies Just Like People Do

In an emergency situation, I don’t think there’s anybody that wouldn’t agree with the emergency response policies that require immediate medical attention be prioritized to humans over animals. But what happens when all the people are taken care of is a huge gray area, and thanks to one small town in Ohio, animals who are affected by life-threatening events like fires or car accidents may be on their way to a right to emergency treatment.

dogs being saved by rescue workers

Credit: Yuri Corteza/Getty Images

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Ohio Takes A Stand

dogs being saved by rescue workers

Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Ohio lawmakers are currently dealing with a bill that would give EMTs the clearance to take care of animals at the scene of a tragedy, including providing oxygen, triage, and other basic medical care.

“Previously EMTs and paramedics were not able to treat animals because their scope of license prevented them from doing that,” Republican Representative Steve Huffman (Ohio) said in an interview with the Dayton Daily News.

It’s Not Just Good For Dogs!

service dog

Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As Vicki Deisner, a rep from the ASPCA, points out, this bill could potentially have a positive impact on the lives of disabled persons or anyone else who benefits from the work of service dogs. “This legislation will clarify what an Emergency Medical Technician or other medical professionals may do to stabilize an injured animal until it can be treated by a veterinarian. This bill can serve to help prevent not only the loss of companion animals, but service animals such as seeing-eye dogs and police K-9 units.”