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These Giant Human-Like Sculptures Will Make You Lose Your Sh*t!

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Art: It Can Bewitch The Mind And Ensnare The Senses…

All Snape-related Harry Potter references aside, the point is that good art will have an impact on you, it’ll make you think about not just the creation of the artifact, but the feeling it gives you, the energy it gives or takes from the space it inhabits. Art can even be a mirror to our own lives, forcing us to reflect on certain moments or emotions that we ourselves have experienced and opening our eyes to universal truths.

The work of London-based Australian artist Ron Mueck does exactly this. Muck spent 20 years honing his craft working in Australian and British television and advertising, specializing in sculpture, mannequins, and animatronics. His art is known for blowing human figures up into enormous proportions — the effect is nothing short of trippy. His career as a fine artist launched when he was featured in an exhibit at the Royal Academy in 1997 called Sensation where his work entitled Dead Dad (pictured below) became a strong focus of the event.

Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Ron Mueck

The sculpture is a 2/3 life size representation of the death of Mueck’s own father, done completely from memory. Mueck works with clay, sculpting his figures before casting it in a plaster mould and replacing the clay with varying combinations of silicone, fiberglass, and resin. After that the customization varies based on the subject of the work, but he spends months on the details — freckles, individually implanted body hair — no stone is left unturned.

Today, Mueck has become well known in the art world for his wide variety of visceral creations. You might just find one that makes you think about your life in a way you’ve never done before.

Keep reading to see more of Mueck’s incredible, enormous, CREEPY sculptures!

“A Girl”

Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

We’ll start out with one of the creepiest Mueck sculptures out there. This piece, called “A Girl” is an enormous representation of that moment when the nurse cries, “It’s a girl!” The moment is romanticized, but as this sculpture communicates, babies are actually kind of gross, and the moment is a lot more raw and animal than we like to think human births are.


Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Thomas Coex/Getty Images

This piece is one of Mueck’s largest creations ever (as you can tell from the teeny tiny people in the photo!). Entitled “Boy,” the sculpture reminds me a lot of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings. Maybe a nod to the wild, indescribable nature of adolescent males.