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These Giant Human-Like Sculptures Will Make You Lose Your Sh*t!

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Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Thomas Coex/Getty Images

In this image you can see Ron Mueck putting the finishing touches on “Boy” — it really gives you an idea of the hundreds of hours of creative energy Mueck has to pour into these creations. I mean, look at the size of the paintbrush he’s using!

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“In Bed”

Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Thomas Coex/Getty Images

Another goliath from Mueck’s collection, “In Bed” shows a moment when we arguably all feel the most vulnerable: when we’re in bed. Whether we’re in bed with a lover, overthinking all of our regrets before falling asleep, or mulling over our worries about the future, we’re at our most candid when the clothes come off and the sheets come up.


Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Ron Mueck

Susanna Greeves, the curator of the Tate’s 2003 exhibit of Mueck’s work described “Ghost” as “The embodiment of teenage self-consciousness, the projection of a stage at which our bodies become suddenly large and strange and acutely embarrassing to us.” The teenage girl in the sculpture is actually very large, but from her expression she appears to wish to melt into the wall she leans on.