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These Giant Human-Like Sculptures Will Make You Lose Your Sh*t!

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“Wild Man”

Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Thomas Coex/Getty Images

“Wild Man” shows a man sitting completely naked on a stool and looking very uncomfortable. The man’s hair (and the title of the piece) indicate that he may be some sort of pariah from society, but as his wildness appears strange to us, the expression on his face tells us that he thinks we’re just as wild as we find him.

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“Big Man”

Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Robyn Beck/Getty Images

“Big Man” is exactly what you’d expect him to look like — even at normal proportions he’d clearly be a big guy, but blow him up and you’ve got a HUGE guy. But to me, “Big Man’s” body language indicates that maybe society’s expectations of his masculinity have taken a toll on who he is inside. What do you think?


Ron Mueck sculpture

Credit: Thomas Coex/Getty Images

“Mask” is Ron Mueck’s work at its best — with a face that big, the artist had plenty of opportunity to put his attention to detail to good use, focusing on pores and hair follicles and tiny, natural imperfections.