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These People Folded Money to Find the Most Ridiculous Things

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The $5 Bill Pancake Fold Is Real.

People love finding hidden messages in their money.

From symbols of the Freemasons and Illuminati to secret watermarks or even words that can only be revealed through intricate folds, money origami is a popular way to investigate the mysteries within our own currency.

Have you ever done money origami? What tricks do you know?

Keep reading below to learn some of the best tricks of the trade that people have shared online, and then use them to impress your friends!

folding money lincoln smile

Source: imgur/ rockinthesuburbs

Become a money folding master!

In Boobs We Trust

folding money tits of america

Source: Imgur/ cybaritic

The photographer writes, “In fifth grade I learned to fold a dollar bill thusly.”

There She Blows

folding money australian whale blow job

Source: Imgur

“An Australian 5 dollar bill folds into a picture of a whale giving a blowjob.”

Well alrighty then.