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These People Have Said Some Things They Wish They Could Take Back

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We had a fundraiser in elementary school for the Easter Seals and the top people got knicks tickets and got to meet a knick for a day. Gerald Wilkins called me over in front of 100’s of people that afternoon and I asked him into a microphone why all basketball players were black. Everyone laughed, including him, but I still can’t believe I asked that. (mces97)

Being A Jerk

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When I was a young kid, my family was sitting around talking about a relative and how humorous she was. They always kept saying how she was always “Goofing off”. I suddenly got the bright idea to contribute.

So I entered the conversation by saying: “Or jerking off!” I somehow got the notion that jerking off meant being a jerk — I had no idea what it really meant and I had probably never heard the phrase before. So when my family looked at me with the biggest eyes I had ever seen, I tried to back it up by saying, “You know? Being a jerk?”

Eventually, my aunt realized that I didn’t know what it really meant and said, “Uh, yeah.” Then the silence arrived.
I still cringe to this day. (thedonhudson01)

Power Move

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We used to have weekly 20 minute “silent reading” sessions during my freshman year of high school, where we brought in a book of our choice. One time, after the 20 mins were up, my teacher had us go up to the whiteboard in turns and write down one word we came across in our reading that we were not familiar with.
I wrote “dominatrix”.

Edit: To this day I seriously can’t remember what book I was reading. Definitely wasn’t anything pornographic.

My teacher did answer! After doing a double take and pausing for like twenty seconds to collect his words lol. He told me it was a “very dominating woman” and left it at that.
Looking back at it, I feel bad for the position I inadvertently put him in. Generally not something any male teacher wants to explain to a 14 year old girl. (silvermyth)