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These People Prove That It’s a Small World After All

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It’s a Small World After All

We’ve all heard it said and most of us know the song, too, and the fact of the matter is that the world is an exceptionally small place. In fact, it’s all there is, which would explain why coincidental encounters happen as often as they do.

What’s the craziest “small world” scenario you’ve ever experienced? Have you bumped into a friend or neighbor while far away from home? Not seen somebody from your childhood for years, only to reconnect by chance years later?

Redditors were asked to share their weirdest and wildest small world tales, and these stories are truly incredible.

small world pregnancy scare

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Have you ever heard of coincidences like these?

Hey Neighbor!

apartment buildings sky

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I was living in an apartment building in NYC for a few years and had a really cool neighbor. I moved and then I saw her on the street one time and asked her what she was doing here, she said she moved to the building right next to mine. I had the same neighbor twice. (rck_james_bitch)


dave matthews band concert


I had my first kiss at a Dave Matthews Band concert. When I started college in 2008, some people on my floor and I got together and were playing truth or dare. I had to describe my first kiss in great detail on a truth, and it turned out that the same girl was there in the room. Through other concert/intimate details, we figured out that that was the case indeed. (jeff_the_nurse)