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These Rats Just Unofficially Chose the Best Pizza in NYC

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Pizza Rat Just Got Legit

If you love pizza, you need to read this.

Now that everybody is still reading (because who doesn’t love pizza?), prepare to learn about the wildest thing that just happened in the world of New York City pizza, which is arguably some of the best pizza in the world.

Hailing from New Jersey, I’ve grown up around good old Italian, New York and New Jersey pizza, so I have been pretty spoiled in terms of what constitutes a true pizza pie. Still, the honor of having New York City’s best pizza is a disputed honor that has been contested by many critics, chefs, and patrons over these many years.

Determined to settle the argument once and for all, Grub Street, New York Magazine’s food and restaurant site, turned to the most established New Yorkers around: rats.

Grub Street took pies from four of the most famous pizzerias in NYC and surreptitiously laid them out in a Chinatown park for rats to come and eat. Which pizza did they eat the most slices of? You won’t believe these game-changing results.

pizza rat

Source: YouTube @Matt Little

Start the slideshow below to learn which pizzeria these Pizza Rats picked for best pizza in New York City, and SHARE with your friends to see if they agree!

The OG Pizza Rat

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New York’s most famous rodent (with Scabby the Union Rat in a close second) is none other than Pizza Rat, who went viral a few months back after he was filmed hustling a dropped-but-not-forgotten slice of plain pizza down the stairs into his subway lair.

The video has since gotten over 8.6 million views on YouTube, which made Grub Street wonder: what if rats could settle the argument about who has the best pizza in NYC?

4. Grimaldi’s

pizza rat best pizza in nyc grimaldi's

Source: Grub Street/ New York Magazine

If you’ve ever inquired about the best pizza in New York, chances are someone has mentioned the name Grimaldi’s to you. Famously located under the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as in several other New York and New Jersey venues, Grimaldi’s has previously been rated by Zagat as having the best pizza in New York City.

Our rat judges weren’t so easily influenced. In fact, Grimaldi’s came in dead last, with a whopping 0 slices eaten. Rough.