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These Unique Tombstones Show the Bright Side of Death

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Greet Death as an Old Friend

How do you feel about death? Are you afraid of it, or do you think it’s just the next adventure after life?

Typically, we might think of cemeteries and graveyards as sad places of mourning, but in some cultures and for many people, they are peaceful and beautiful places that help the living and mourning find solace when reflecting on the loved ones they’ve lost.

Luckily for us, some of the deceased already help make graveyards happier by opting for funny and outlandish headstones and tombs that put a smile on our face and help us remember them with only the good memories.

We should all start thinking of death and loss in a positive light, and these funniest and coolest tombstones around certainly help!

cool tombstone now I know

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Go out in style…

Would You Rather

cool tombstone i'd rather

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Is this how you’ll feel?


cool tombstone twitter

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