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These Were the Most Unfair, Technologically-Lopsided Battles in History

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Well That’s Not Fair

Throughout history, and especially as we move ever further into the future, technology is often the single most decisive factor in terms of innovation, progress, success, and victory. When it comes to war and battle, strategy and cunning are essential, but the side best prepared in terms of arms and weaponry will most likely have the advantage.

Of course, weapons aren’t everything. History has presented us with numerous situations in which a favorite failed miserably when it mattered most. After all, who doesn’t love an underdog story?

Redditors were asked to name some examples of the most technologically-lopsided battles in history, including those in which the side without the technology still pulled off a victory, and this is what they came up with!

battle of isandlwana zulu warriors


Who ever saw THAT coming?

The Wushe Incident

wushe incident mikata ban


The Wushe Incident – 1930 Empire of Japan retaliated against an indigenous Taiwanese tribe. Although the tribe started with little to no firearms they used a surprise attack to target police stations and quickly armed themselves with ‘modern’ weapons. They then retreated into the forests that they knew very well making it almost impossible for the Japanese to uproot them. During their guerrilla action Japan became impatient, so they called in their Air Force. A weapon the tribe had 0% chance of fighting against. On top of this the Japanese started to drop mustard gas on the tribe. Zulu and Britain may may have been Gatling guns vr guns and spears, but this battle was fought with an air force and chemical warfare against guns that couldn’t hit back. (kingdomart)

Las Canarias

conquest of lanzarote painting oleo de louis garneray


The Castilian conquest of the Canary Islands? The Guanches, the original inhabitants, had no access to metal (apart from captured or traded weapons) and fought with weapons of obsidian and drago wood against 15th century Spanish conquistadors. (PurpleTeapotOfDoom)