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These Were the Most Unfair, Technologically-Lopsided Battles in History

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The Pacific Theater

battleship american warship ww2


When the Americans started setting up naval bases in WW2 many of the indigenous pacific islanders were basically living in the stone age. They couldnt wrap their heads around it and many worshipped the freighters as emissaries of god. From their perspective, the Americans would write down what they need, say some words in the magic radio tower temple, then god would send a boat with all the things they needed. Soon the tribes would build mockup up radio towers from sticks. Landing strips and wooden figures of airplanes were built to attract cargo freighters. They didnt understand the functions of any of these things, just the form and the idea that they were needed to bring freighters. In one instance the Americans were forced to flee an island and cede it to the japanese. The japanese were not friendly. They did not share their food, forced them off parts of the island and worst of all, they interrupted the Americans rituals and the cargo stopped coming. A group of the bravest tribesmen doused themselves in holy water (which they believed made them invincible) loaded spears into their canoes and set off to fight the Japanese warships. They were all gunned down by machine guns. (FartHog60)

The Underdogs

Battle of Isandlwana charles edwin fripp


The Zulu during the Battle of Isandlwana being the exception, which is pretty much Britain’s biggest military defeat in history outside of the American Revolution. (BorrowedTune)

Spanish vs. Inca

capture of atahualpa inca


So many things went so wrong for the Inca in that. A few years before the Spanish showed up they had standing armies of over 100,000, but they got hit by a plague (brought by the Spanish) then a civil war right before Pizarro showed up, and managed to kidnap their emperor right off the bat. Plus, the Inca believed that sickness was a spiritual attack, and the Spanish claimed that their God was helping them fight the Inca, which was psychology devastating to the Inca.

They really weren’t that primitive though. Their buildings were so well built that the Spanish actually couldn’t tear them down sometimes, and they had better Earthquake resistance than anything until the modern age. We really don’t understand some of their building techniques to this day. Even the Spanish said that their roads were “better than any in Christianson.” They even had a form of writing consisting of ropes, knots, and colors which could somehow record information. (hammertimesometimes)