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These Whales’ Tragic Deaths Turned Into an Unexpected Protest

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As crowds began to gather on the beach at Skegness, local authorities immediately began their work to ensure the whales did not wash back out to sea by moving them farther away from the shore. To prevent decomposition from predators, authorities also covered the whales in sand. But not before protestors had their way…

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Overnight, protestors used the dead whales’ bodies to share their message. This whale had “Fukishima [sic] RIP” graffitied onto its body, citing the harm the nuclear disaster – and nuclear power in general – continues to have on wildlife.

beached whales 3

Source: Instagram @vicvic1111

Another whale had “CND” and a peace sign graffitied onto its fin in reference to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The CND has denied responsibility to the act, though a spokesperson cited that people feel very strongly about the subject.

beached whales 4

Source: Twitter @BBCNews