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These Whales’ Tragic Deaths Turned Into an Unexpected Protest

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A police spokesperson said, “It’s a terrible thing for someone to do, but there wouldn’t be an actual criminal offence. Graffiti is normally criminal damage, but the whales don’t belong to anyone, so unless the graffiti was very offensive and constituted a public order offence, there would be no offences.”

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Source: Twitter @sebpatrick

The whales are currently being removed by authorities from the beach to “their final resting place” further inland as scientists continue to investigate what may have caused the stranding.

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Source: Twitter @TomChivers

We still don’t know for sure why certain animals are more prone to stranding, although toothed whales are common victims. Scientists think it may have to do with their social structures, which could explain the unfortunate demise of these whales in England and across northern Europe.

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