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They Called Her a Whale at School, Now She’s Saving Whales in the Wild

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Taking the cruel nickname in stride, Dee made a huge decision.

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Source: Facebook @Dee the Fat Whale Saves the Whales

Instead of wallowing in self pity, Dee instead chose to do something to turn her negative experience into a positive one for the real whales of the world. She subsequently started fundraising for Save the Whales, a registered nonprofit educational organization that seeks to educate people about whales and other marine mammals as well as the fragile environments they live in, empowering younger generations to further protect whales and the oceans.

After starting a Facebook group to promote her cause, Dee even designed T-shirts in order to make a profit to donate to Save the Whales.

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Source: Facebook @De McMillan

She boldly named the Facebook group “Dee the Fat Whale Saves the Whales,” and designed a cute T-shirt with the same name.

The sapphire shirts sell for $20 each, and all funds go directly to Save the Whales. So far, Dee has raised $2,690 through shirts on

Even more inspiring, since Dee’s story took off, she also created a GoFundMe to raise money for the nonprofit. As of March 16, she’s already surpassed her goal of $3,000 with $3,173 raised and more coming in all the time.

Please consider donating, buying a T-shirt, or simply SHARING Dee’s powerful story that shows just how we can make the magnanimous decision to turn bullying into a positive situation.