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They Kept Throwing Away This Homeless Man’s Christmas Tree. This Is How The Community Responded…

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It Takes A Village

woman donating to homeless man

Source: WGNO ABC

Once word got out that Philly’s Christmas spirit was being quashed by government officials, locals began bringing him all sorts of holiday decorations and gifts. “I don’t care what code violation it is,” said Kelly Caruso, one of the community members that brought Philly a fresh tannenbaum, said to ABC. “It’s the holidays. And these people need everything that can uplift them as much as they can.” But that’s not all…

Spreading Christmas Cheer

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Now that Philly is receiving gifts, money, and decorations galore, bolstered by the love of his community, he shared everything he’s received with other homeless people who are in need of their own share of Christmas spirit this year.

Way to pay it forward Philly! Another beautiful reminder that the holidays are truly a season of giving.

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