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They Left These Inspiring Notes on Lockers After the Tragic Deaths of Three Students

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Fordham Prep has lived true to its slogan of “Men for others” in recent weeks.

One death is enough to shatter anyone’s spirit, but Fordham Prep recently lost three of its own.

In a small, close-knit community such as the one at Fordham Preparatory School, the Jesuit, all-male high school located on Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, the loss of a student can shake the entire institution to its core. Such was the case on January 18, a tragic situation that was repeated two more times in the following weeks.

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Source: Facebook/ Fordham Preparatory School

And yet from this tragedy, the students at the high school were still able to find a special and personalized way to make each other feel valued and loved during this time of need.

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The Tragedies

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Source: Twitter @gdeanleigh

The recent losses facing Fordham Prep began on January 18 when sophomore Owen Kelly took his own life in front of a NYC-bound train on the Metro-North railroad in Westchester county. Several days later, on January 23 – the night of the recent blizzard – Matthew Genovese, a 2009 graduate of Fordham Prep, was reported missing in Hoboken, NJ before his body was found in the Hudson River. Finally, on Monday, February 1, another sophomore from the school took his own life by jumping in front of a Metro-North train.

In the days since, Fordham Prep has filled the school with grief counselors, ministry, and mental health professionals, including alumni. Police officers have also been placed along the train platforms in the area.

Yet even in this time of darkness, students have engaged in a project to help show others the light.

This week, students filled the lockers of the school with positive, individualized notes of encouragement and reassurance.

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Source: Facebook/ Fordham Preparatory School

Walking down the hallways of the school, which has a student body of approximately 950, one would see row after row of maroon lockers covered in individual post-it notes.