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They Left These Inspiring Notes on Lockers After the Tragic Deaths of Three Students

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Each note bears a different message, helping to remind each student that they are important, valued, and loved.

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Source: Facebook/ Fordham Preparatory School

At least one teacher at the school addressed the idea of “copycat suicide,” in which one death may spark another troubled or depressed person to take their own life as well. These notes are intended as a measure to boost morale and love at the school, whose slogan is “Men for others.”

Notes such as “To me, you are perfect (yes you!)” and “Don’t forget to love yourself!” are among the hundreds hanging on lockers.

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Source: Facebook/ Fordham Preparatory School

Rev. Christopher J. Devron, SJ, the school president, released this message regarding the recent deaths.

A message from the President:The sudden and tragic death of a member of our sophomore class last evening has deeply…

Posted by Fordham Preparatory School on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The message was also posted on the school’s website.

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