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Things That Aren’t Illegal Yet but Will Be Soon

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Zero Privacy

future crime anonymous internet

Source: Pixabay

Using the Internet without signing in to your personal account first. (ask_me_if_Im_lying)

The f*ck are they gonna do? Make you give your SSN? It will be like cell phones where you can just buy burners (Keep-reefer-illegal)

Except some countries are already making anonymous or burner phones impossible to get without an ID…

iPhone, Hot Off the Press

future crime 3d printing


3D Printing name brand items. (now_its_a_dick_joke)

Just heading to the Printer, did you want a can of Cuke? (LifeIsBizarre)

I actually prefer Sprote. (Shanterlots)

Jaywalking 2.0

future crime jaywalking

Source: YouTube

Intentionally obstructing a self-driving car as a pedestrian. People are already doing it with Google’s cars. It’s going to get really old really fast. (TheBatmanToMyBruce)

Car reports it to the police, the person is then kept track of by everyone else’s self driving car until the self driving police car intercepts them and they go to jail. Won’t be a problem for too long. (jojo913)