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Things That Got Old Really Fast

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Now Watch Me Whip… Or Not

We love a good trend, really we do. But the truth is that trends, by definition, are finite, and unfortunately there are those among us who would have them last well beyond their natural lifespan.

Pop culture is a fickle thing, with fads popping up in running gags from TV shows, unfortunate moments caught on camera, Vines, or occasionally from decades-old references. However they start, they soon infiltrate countless aspects of your life, from Facebook posts to inside jokes to clueless newscasters or politicians trying to be hip. And then, when it feels like they’re just reaching the mainstream, the trends die out.

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Source: Twitter @Independent

When asked what some of the most annoying internet trends from recent years are, this is how Redditors responded. From “what color is this dress?” to panda puzzles to Rick Rolling, sometimes internet phenomenon can really try out patience.

Remember These? Actually, How Could You Forget?

Bitmoji and Bit Strips. “As a Facebook fad they thankfully died off pretty quickly.” Except for that one friend who still keeps using them…

internet trends bitmoji

Source: Twitter @salpalsalpal

I have an idea: let’s animate ourselves and share every moment of our lives on all forms of social media but in cartoon form! My friends will *love* it!

Planking. “And to think, people died over this.”

internet trends planking

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Tigers aside, this guy isn’t even trying that hard with all that surface to lay on.