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Things That Got Old Really Fast

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The Be Like Bill meme. “Seriously f**k that meme. It’s been around for years and it wasn’t all that funny when it first appeared. Chuckle worth at most. But now we’re inundated with the most uncreative and unimaginative posts, unoriginal parodies and stupid Facebook “Be Like Bill” generators that honestly just shout, ‘I’m a c**t!'”

internet trends be like bill

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The Harlem Shake. “It was basically gangnam style but didn’t last for 2 years.”

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So painfully awkward when they didn’t even get too pumped up in the second half.

Kony. “His army didn’t get old, that’s for sure.”

internet trends kony 2012

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Though for a good cause, the Kony 2012 campaign got very old very fast.